Unique Dome hire company has exciting name change.

From our very humble beginnings designing and making furniture from reclaimed scaffold planks our business has taken us in some wild and exciting directions. We believe the name The Plank Company just doesn't fit right with where we are and more importantly where we want to be.
After much deliberation we will now be known as BAYA Hire.

Wait, what? Let me explain the meaning of 'Baya' to give you the gist on the name change.

Baya is a type of weaver bird and it sums up all of us here pretty nicely we think.

'The ‘baya weaverbird’ is found across the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. They are best known for their hanging retort shaped nests woven from leaves and grass shoots.
These nest colonies are often built near water and are so ingeniously constructed as to defy their rivals.
They are widespread and common within their range but are prone to seasonal movements mainly in response to rain.’

This fits in well with our ethos of working towards a sustainable company, growing in new directions and also striving to have a good work/life balance. 

You can keep up to date with us by following our social media channels if you don't already. We also have some exciting open days coming up so if you would like to come and have a chat and see our domes in the flesh please come along.



Carla and Arash's Beautiful Day in North Devon

“I’m not trying to counsel any of you to do anything really special except dare to think. And to dare to go with the truth. And to dare to really love completely.” 
— R.Buckminster Fuller 1895-1985

When Carla contacted us and explained her vision for her wedding we were really excited to be involved. The Venue - CandyLand Studios at Summerdaze Camping is an amazing place tucked away in the wilds of Devon, owned and run by a lovely family Lydia and Alex.

Carla and Arash opted for the Single Dome that couldn't have been anymore at home at this location. Being able to use the onsite accommodation and the wild, rustic setting made for a really relaxed atmosphere, just what Carla and Arash where after. 

As you can see from the beautiful images they dressed the dome up and gave it their own special touches and it looked magical to say the least.

Check out the wedding video shot by M.Stroud Pictures, an amazing edit that really gives you an insight into the look and feel of not only our domes but also captures the spirit of the Summerdaze Campsite venue.

This is definitely up there with our favourites...........

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north devon unique wedding
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timber dome hire wedding

Photo credit Yeti Photography

Mark and Kims Crantock Wedding

"Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren't any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn't be here in the first place" 

R. Buckminster Fuller 1895-1985

After Kim and Mark came to have a look at our Dome with the Sail attachment at Tapely Park back in April they knew straight away that was the only choice for them. The location for the wedding couldn't be anymore fitting for our timber framed domes - a beautiful cornish field over looking the amazing Crantock Bay just outside of Newquay. 

We were lucky enough to be invited along to this beautiful wedding and with its open field location and panoramic view over Crantock beach, it was a superbly unique experience. Being part of Mark & Kim's special day, it allowed us to take in all the aspects the domes from both a social & work perspective.

With blanket-covered hay bale seating in the field and the ceremony taking place underneath our Archway with the backdrop of the sea, it was the perfect coastal wedding setting. The sun shone and the wind dropped. 

Kim and Marks vision for the styling for the domes was beautifully rustic, hand-made and colourful. The dome worked perfectly as a blank canvas for them to decorate with bright pom-poms, balloons and rainbow hued flower arrangements.

The afternoon flowed seamlessly into the evening and the acoustics bouncing around the dome from the band sounded amazing.  

The weather took a turn for the worse into the evening with the wind picking up and the rain coming down but with the guests cocooned inside the dome it went un-noticed as the dance floor came alive!

“Thank you to The Plank Company for providing the most fabulous, original and beautiful venue for our wedding in Crantock last weekend. We were so happy with the whole service provided by the plank company from the start till the end. They not only provided the amazing dome but all the tables, chairs, flooring, catering tent, lighting and spectacular sail, you seriously can't ask for more. If you want a marquee with a difference, the plank companies dome is what you have been looking for!”
Kim and Mark


Not just a pretty face..............our Double Dome event.

"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims." Buckminster Fuller 1895-1983

Its fair to say our last event of season went off with a bang. The Indian Summer Ball charity event hosted by Blue Fizz Events was held in the perfect venue - Downend Field in our hometown of Croyde, North Devon overlooking the beautiful bay. 

 As all of our dome builds this year have been dotted around the country it was fantastic to see peoples reactions first hand and get some amazing feedback. With beautiful food by Seadog and working alongside other awesome local businesses, volunteers and all round lovely people the evening went off without a hitch and lots of money was raised for some great charities. 

Check out the images from Frey and stunning video by Panoptic Motion below to get the full effect of the Double Dome experience!   

Could these be the most beautiful venues?

When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong. - Buckminster Fuller 1895-1983


It has been a while since the last blog update but what can I say, the last 12 months has been a dizzying blur of ideas, designing, engineering, premises moving, coffee drinking, late night emailing, early morning emailing, woodworking, fabricating, problem solving and more coffee drinking. 

Along with the help of some truly inspiring professionals on most aspects of the project, we managed to deliver in time for the summer 2016 - Our Unique Timber Framed Geo Domes. 

We have received some amazing feedback from our clients that have chosen the Dome venues for their weddings this year and also some fantastic commercial clients such as CountryFile Live where the Double Dome was used as a restaurant. 

Our timber framed Domes are Inspired from the invention and design of the late Buckminster Fuller (an American architectsystems theorist, author, designer and inventor.) Without his inspirational designs we wouldn't have the really exciting jobs we have today - hence the fitting quote!

Check out some images of our Domes below and/or head to our Dome pages for more info.

the past, present and future...............

Its been a fantastic wedding season for The Plank Company. We have seen ourselves go from strength to strength in 2015 where we provided furniture for a total of 28 weddings and events. 

We have had some great highlights and met some fantastic couples along the way. The most rewarding part of the job is still when we see the wedding pictures where we can see our furniture decorated with each couples unique style and it always looks superb.

There has been hardly a week during the season where we haven’t been travelling up and down the country as far as London with our furniture deliveries. A definite perk of the job has been venturing around so many different areas and getting to meet our couples in person as well as viewing so many stunning wedding settings such as Pickwell Manor, Ocean Kave, The Anran Barn and many others. 

One of the Summer highlights has to be running our first Bar at Adam and Victoria’s wedding which was a big success and lots of fun! 

Naz and Mati created a unique look complimenting our furniture using true creative skill and hand making all the suspended Edison lightbulb lighting. 

While Debbie and Toby created a simply stylish setting including this cute kiddies table layout. 

One of our biggest events of the year took place at a charity dinner for 200 in Birmingham run by Phoenix events , hiring our entire stock to create a beautiful setting for a top notch evening.

The season ended sensationally when we were announced as a regional finalist at this years Wedding Industry Awards. We would like to take the opportunity now to thank all of the couples that took the time to vote for us and write such lovely testimonials.

Working alongside some other great companies in the industry has been brilliant too, Blue Fizz wedding planners and H&A catering just to name a few. Blue Fizz, creating some beautiful venue stylings at Down End field amongst other sites and we always hear great feedback about H&A catering and hope to work closely with them both in the future.

The Plank Company family has grown during the season in a number of ways, Lianne has joined the team who helps organise the office side of things and adds a needed feminine vibe to the workshop balance and Josh now has a gorgeous new family member, daughter number 2 little Jojo! 

Along with the Summer successes, there have been some tough times too as JoJo’s entrance to the world wasn't straight forward. It was touch and go for a number of weeks but we are happy to say that all is well now and out of the ordeal we have 2 new charities that we will be supporting as a company going forward,

The Childrens Acute Transport Service 
http://site.cats.nhs.uk/cats-charity/make-a-donation/ ,

The Sick Children's Trust 

The Caroline Thorpe Ward at Barnstaple Hospital.

So as we look back fondly at the crazy Summer season, you may think we would take the Winter as a time to breathe again….nope. In fact we are going to be busier than ever with all of our passion and focus going into our next big adventure, our new venues the Geodomes. 

We have been lucky enough to have so much amazing feedback for our furniture and service along the way that we decided it made sense to expand into providing everything that a couple might need for their day, following the same beautiful, unique, and rustic theme as our furniture. We wanted to build a venue that is like no other…after months of planning and chewing over ideas, we have come to what we believe is going to be the next level up of venue from the standard marquee or tent,  the Geodome. 

A sustainably sourced geometric timber based structure consisting of 2 domes and a semi-transparent connection tunnel. We are so excited as it offers couples a venue that will set them apart from any other. The Plank Company will be a ‘one stop shop’ for every wedding day need.

We will be launching the Domes at our opening event set for April 2016 (date to be confirmed) supporting Jojo’s 3 charities. There will be bands, Dj’s and a great evening to be had as well as the opportunity to inspect our stunning new venue so watch this space for further details.

The Geodomes bring other changes, we will be expanding into Unit 5 of the Tesco units in Braunton over the next few months, things never stay the same for long with us! Its all extremely exciting and we cant wait to share more updates and pictures with you over the next few months!

2015 Wedding season so far!

So we've been pretty flat out lately as its our first full wedding season and we've been blown over with some really great feedback and even a few bookings for 2016. Heres a few images of a local intimate wedding we hired for in June, a great time was had by all. We are loving the kids table layout.


We have some really exciting things in the pipeline and we cant wait to shout about them so watch this space!


Ship wrecks and wardrobes

Back in the summer we were asked to provide some of our tables, benches and crates by Blue Fizz events for a shipwreck themed shoot they had with the amazing Wed Magazine. The weather was great, the location was awesome and the girls at Blue Fizz events have got it down with the styling and the organising which goes without saying as they are award winning wedding planners!

What they forgot to mention was they were a male model down so without hesitation Edd got involved and now has model agencys smashing down his door! (well, maybe).

So we have been spending a bit of time out and about with some nice custom jobs. Here is a peek at a bespoke wardrobe, shelving and some surround storage. We had real fun with this one, we worked closely with the client to make sure we shared their vision and they were really pleased with the outcome.





Arty tree stump or something


Here we have the arty tree stump image and  the analogy to go with it, figured it out yet? That's it...........The Plank Company is growing, slowly but surely. I feel like I might be jinxing it but cant help it.

The last 6 months has been quite eventful to say the least.  Me and Edd are still figuring out our strengths and also our weaknesses, we both seem to have the ability to go from one thing to another within seconds so learning to keep on course and taking it day by day has been a big learning curve.

The summer of 2014 will definitely be one to remember, hopefully in years to come we will have those old school sepia pictures of us right in the beginning, mainly edd working in his boxer shorts and me doing......................something. ahhh those were the days.

So, on the up.  We have moved out of the barn and into a new office and workshop! We will be taking the daily drive up to Mullacott business park, famous (or infamous) for its own micro climate which I am really excited about, feels like I'm starting a new job! Plus we will have our very own coffee machine so drop in for a latte if your passing.


We are still keeping the barn in Croyde which we will be turning into a showroom which will be open by appointment so you can 'try before you buy'.


As The Plank Company is split into two directions - Custom and Hire, we are pleased to say we hired to our first wedding event two weeks ago, our  6ft collapsible scaffold tables were used for the bride, groom and family and we also provided two 4ft bars which we have been told went down a storm. Pics to follow.

Busy times ahead with orders, potential orders, some commercial work and lining up hire for next wedding season. 

And a massive thank you to Kathleen at fiftyonedegreesnorth for our website and keep your eyes peeled for our coming promo vid.